Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I'm sure that you heard that all the time when you was a kid. But, it is true. Breakfast is one of those meals that people today tend to skip. I really don't understand this. Maybe this is why people are so uptight in the morning. They have the shakes from not eating. You might have a busy lifestyle, but you need to make sure that you have time for breakfast. Breakfast is one of those meals that you must eat. I don't think there is any choice about it. I know that most people who do eat breakfast, tend to be the type that run out of the house with a donut in their hand. This really isn't a good idea. I don't know why people jump to the sugary breakfast foods. I guess it is why people drink coffee. They need that bolt of energy to wake them up. Or they think that maybe they can avoid eating a good meal by eating something full of sugar. After all, they feel energetic after eating a bunch of sugar.
Have you ever noticed how hard it is to wake up at work? Have you noticed how during the day you get tired? This is because you aren't getting the right foods for breakfast. You don't realize how important this meal is. Every day you should have a good meal for breakfast?What are some good things to eat for breakfast? First, let's start off with what you shouldn't eat.
Don't eat donuts. For the reasons we spoke above.
Don't eat any cereals that are loaded with sugar. This is nothing more than empty calories. They don't offer you anything. Not only that, but too much of this and you will gain weight. Have you ever noticed how sluggish you feel before lunch? This is because you are eating too much sugar!
Don't eat a ton of fried foods. Don't eat a bunch of bacon, fried eggs, and some french toast. The added fat will weigh you down.
Don't eat those pasties that come in the boxes. These are loaded with sugar. They don't offer you anything that is actually good for you. They rob you of all the things that you should be eating.
Don't load up on coffee. Don't think because coffee can give you energy, that you can drink it instead of eating. Now, what you should be eating.Eat a cereal that is low in sugar. Cereal with milk is a great breakfast. It is a good all around meal.
Try a new egg sandwich. People seem to love the egg sandwiches at fast food restaurants. Why not make one at home? You can put some cheese or some lean ham on yours. Use your imagination, these are fun to make.
Eggs are good for breakfast. I'm not going to go through the whole mess about how they say eggs are bad for you. Don't buy it. Eat them, but eat them in moderation.
Pancakes. These can be great from time to time. Try to get yourself one of those griddles that you don't need to add fat too. If you get one of those, you will be able to eat these more often. To cut down on calories. Instead of using butter and syrup, put fresh fruit on yours. I love eating mine with fresh fruit on top of them.
Juice is great for breakfast. Get that pick me up that you need without the caffeine of morning coffee. You don't have to worry about getting the shakes if you drink too much juice. Though, you might get the shits, but not the shakes.
Old fashioned toast. This is still a great thing to eat. Just don't load it up with too much butter or other things.
Oatmeal. I know that most of you probably hated oatmeal when you were a kid. But, this is some great stuff. Add some milk and a bit of sugar and you have a breakfast that will stick to your ribs.
Fruit salad can be great for breakfast. I love things that taste refreshing that don't take all day long to make. Throw your favorite fruits together and call it a meal! There you go. A good breakfast isn't as hard as you might think that it is. All you have to do is stay away from the drive through window and you will be fine. Also, don't eat those pasties in a box. They are nothing but junk food.


It is often said that we eat with our eyes. Though this might sound stupid, think about it for a second. You know that we are attracted by the opposite sex with our eyes. You wouldn't go down on a woman who you weren't attracted to would you? So, we do eat with our eyes first. It is important then when dealing with a new diet that we understand that we do eat with our eyes. It is important because if we don't like what we see, chances are we won't eat it. This is why restaurants put a little bit of green leafy material on the side of your plates. It is to make your eyes wake up. If it looks good, it probably tastes good. I think that the problem that most people have is that they don't make their food look pretty enough. When they go on a diet, they tend to make the food look too bland. But if they were eating a pound of bacon, they would work extra hard to make it look good.
Maybe it is due to some part because we dress up things that are bad for us. We try to dress it up so that we forget how bad it is. I think this is true some times when going out to a restaurant and eating. They don't want you to focus on all the butter and fat that is in the dish.
What can you do to liven up your diet? You need to remember some fundamental things. Here we will discuss those.
Like in all things, our senses lead us. If something looks or smells bad, we will run away from it. The same is true with food. Make sure that your food is alive and looks good. Use contrasting colors that make the food jump off the plate. Try to blanch green veggies so that they keep their color. Use lemon juice or other acid to maintain color when you have to.
Color is important because of something looks wilted and over cooked, we won't want to eat it. It is as simple as that. Make the colors come alive. Try to be an artist with your food. Veggies come in all colors. You can use red bell peppers or purple onions. Go to your super market and pay attention to the colors of the veggies. Also, by doing so you will pay closer attention to freshness. Smells are important. Try to use as many spices and herbs as you can. Just because a dish is low in fat doesn't mean that it has to taste like card board. You should try to wake up your taste buds with every meal you have.
Hot peppers are a great way of doing this. You get a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to hot peppers. Usually they are very cheap and one will go a long ways. If you want flavor instead of heat, you can always add a little pinch of sugar. I love hot peppers and try to use them every chance I can.
This is one area that people tend to really over look. If it feels weird in your mouth, chances are you won't want to eat it. Make sure that your food isn't over cooked. Don't cook the veggies to the point they are mush. Try to keep everything looking and tasting like it did when it was fresh.
The way that you arrange your plate makes a difference as well. Try to make your plate look as full as possible. Don't push everything to one side. Spread things out a bit and make it look like as big of a meal as possible. Use all the room on your plate. Sometimes it helps to burn some incense or something while you are eating. Just don't do any of the fruit flavored ones or ones that will make you more hungry. Something that smells good will take your mind off of your hunger.
Also, drink plenty of fluids while you eat. I have known many people who wait and drink their fluids after they are done eating. This will take more food to fill you up. Instead, sip on your drink as you eat. This will also help in digestion.
You see, when you are starting a diet you have to make sure that you are telling the brain that you aren't depriving it of the food that it loves. You have to make sure that you keep things exciting and try new things. If you can do this, you will have more success with your diet.


by Michael Messner
The one problem that most single men have is, they never have a well stocked pantry. This can cause major problems. If you don't have a stocked pantry, you are more likely to fill up on snack food or even worse, fast food. You need to make sure that you have a well stocked pantry so that you can cook healthy meals without much effort. Don't know what kinds of things that you should always have on hand? Well, no need to worry about it anymore. We will give you a list of 20 items that are must haves for you pantry.
1. Water his might sound silly, but always have some cold water on hand. Get yourself a pitcher or something that you can keep water in the ice box.
2. Milk. You should always have some low fat milk on hand. Cereal in the morning is a great way to get a good easy meal.
3. Fruit. Always have some fruit on hand. It is great for snacking. You can eat fruit and instead of potato chips.
4. Carrots. These are great for snacking. Just add some low fat dip and you have a snack that will rival any deep fried snacks.
5. Peanut butter. This is a great way to get some protein without having to worry about the fat. Use it on your toast for breakfast instead of butter.
6. Eggs. You need these for baking and other specialties. Also they are great for a protein filled breakfast.
7. Yogurt. This is great for hot summer days. You can make tons of drinks out of this. Also, it is great with chicken. You should learn a bit about Indian cooking for more ways to use yogurt. Indians love yogurt and eat it often.
8. Butter. You shouldn't suck on butter like you do a lollipop. But, butter is a must for baked goods. Also, fried eggs taste great cooked in butter.
9. Lemons. These are a must if you eat a lot of seafood. Also, a cold glass of lemonade is great after a hard days work.
10. Mayo. Don't use this stuff every day. But, you do need to use some if you make tuna or chicken salad. It can also be great on low fat cuts of chicken and such. It is good on items that are dry. Make sure to buy the low fat kind and to use as little as possible.
11. Mustard. I like to use this instead of mayo on sandwiches. It is a great way to knock out the fat.
12. Cheese. This is a must have. Don't eat too much of it. But, cheese is the beauty of life. It can make a dull dish come alive.
13. Drinks. Always have some drinks on hand. Have some fruit juice, beer and sodas in the ice box. Don't go over board with them, but have a beer from time to time as a treat.
14. Fresh ginger. This will keep for a long time in your ice box. Don't cover it or anything like that. Keep it whole in your ice box for best keeping.
15. Bread. You should always have some bread on hand. Don't go hog wild here on the carbs. A good sandwich is great from time to time. I would suggest that you find a local bakery and buy your bread there. Don't buy that awful white stuff that has been sitting on the shelf for who knows how long.
16. Canned veggies and fruits. When in a pinch, canned is better than none at all. Even though I suggest that you always eat fresh fruits and veggies, you should have some canned ones on hand. How do you know when you will have a craving for corn and not have any fresh on hand? Canned food can last a very long time, so you don't have to eat it right away.
17. Pasta. Want a meal in a minute? Pasta is the way to go. It cooks quickly and easily.
18. Rice. Same as pasta.
19. Spices and herbs. Always keep some of these on hand. Go to a place where you can buy them in bulk. Don't buy those little containers in the store. Not only are they too expensive, but you don't know how long they have been sitting there. When you buy from a place that sells bulk, you know that you will be getting fresh items.
20. Cereal. Great for that last minute breakfast. Have some of this on hand so you don't have to wait in line at the fast food joint to get your heart attack on a muffin.

How to Lose Unwanted Weight

With social and career success being firmly rooted in modern life, physical appearance is more important than ever. The popular image of a successful person seems to be built around fitness in both the physical and moral aspects, a sort of a physical and moral correctness. Therefore many people are interested in keeping themselves in shape, especially after a winter of eating heavier food at the expense of fresh vegetables at fruits.
The first thing to do when trying to get rid of the unwanted excess kilograms is to take a look at your diet. This is the first step on your journey. Are you relying heavily on chips, soda and fast food to make it through the day? Are you eating enough vegetables and fruits? While hamburgers, fries and soda is a tasty and satisfying combination, it is also a deadly proposition to your health. If you want to stay fit, you must quit eating high-powered food that provides too much energy.
Your body doesn’t like to waste things it can use later on and energy is one of the most important things that can be stored. Eating hamburgers and chips while leading a largely sedentary lifestyle gives your body much more energy than it normally uses. This energy is not thrown away, but converted to fat and put into storage. Therefore, you must cut down on this type of food and turn to the humbler fruits and vegetables to keep hunger in check without putting your health at risk.
The second part of the system is exercising. While a sound diet makes sure your body doesn’t get more energy than it needs, exercising is here to help use up energy already stored. Taking brisk walks after meals is OK, exercising half an hour per day is good, going to a gym for an hour or so five days a week is perfect. There’s no need to starve or exhaust yourself. Diet and exercising can be fun with a bit of thinking and a positive attitude.